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Goldfield Ashes. Charters Towers

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Goldfield ashes Cricket




Saturday 23rd, Sunday 24th and Monday 25th January, 2010.


Nominations close: Friday 27th November, 2009.


Draw completed: Monday 11th January, 2010.

The 2010 draw will be posted to the web page and letters of acceptance will be sent on 12th January 2010.


The 2010 Goldfield Ashes will be held over the 23rd, 24th & 25th January, 2010. The public holiday will be Tuesday the 26th January, 2010. Therefore the 2010 Goldfield Ashes will be conducted over the Saturday, Sunday and Monday preceeding the Australia Day Holiday.

We are aware that the Saturday, Sunday and Monday carnival will not suit all. The Committee has therefore decided to allow teams participating in the B2, Social and Ladies grades the option of playing only the Saturday and Sunday of the Carnival. Teams making this election will still be required to pay the same nomination fee and cannot obviously be eligible for team or individual trophies.

The expenses of running the Carnival will not be dramatically reduced by some teams only playing over two days and we were therefore unable to adjust nomination fees.

Could you please ensure that when nominating your team for the 2010 Goldfield Ashes, that all players are made aware of these dates to enable them to make any appropriate arrangements with regard arranging days off etc.

Teams not fulfilling their obligation to play on the nominated days will not be invited to participate in future Carnivals.


A1 and A2 GRADES

Teams competing in these Grades are reminded that there is prize money and trophies awarded in these divisions. Teams who are awarded winners or runners up in these Grades, who choose not to have a representative available to collect these prizes and be available to make an acceptance speech will forfeit half of the relevant prize money.

The Carnival has major sponsors who go out of their way to sponsor the Carnival. The Committee therefore has an obligation to give these sponsors due acknowledgement of their contribution.

The 2010 Goldfield Ashes A1 Grade will again be played on turf wickets (weather permitting). Players participating in this grade should therefore include in their playing kits their cricket spikes.



The Committee reserves the right to reduce the 50 over game normally played in this grade back to 35 overs, if grounds become unavailable due to excessive surface water on the playing field. Teams nominating in this Grade are put on notice however, that should there be any reason to adjust the number of playing fields due to field unavailability, then it will be done in order of Grade, commencing with B1, then A2, and A1 if necessary.



The introduction of the Social Grade has proven successful in recent years. The Grade has ensured that teams drawn to play one another, possess similar skill levels and have an enjoyable approach to the game. Teams wishing to nominate in this Grade should be aware that this is not a competitive Grade.

The Committee will still reserve the right to upgrade/downgrade teams in all Grades should they believe it is in the best interests of the Carnival.



Whether a Ladies Grade will be conducted again next year will be totally dependent on the number of nominations received for that Grade. A minimum number of four sides will be required to conduct this Grade. Ladies teams are reminded that they must fulfil all conditions as set out in the nomination form, which includes the provision of cricket equipment and umpires for each fixture.


The fees this year will be A1, A2, B1 - $400 (50 over a side games) and B2, Social, Ladies - $350 (35 over a side games).

An additional requirement for each player participating in the 2010 Carnival will be the signing of a letter of release. A copy of the letter is included with your nomination form. The release is now required to be signed by all players participating in Queensland. The completed forms will be required to be submitted back to the Committee prior to the start of play on the first day.

The Committee has included the following in the cost of the nomination fee:
• New balls for each day’s play in each grade
• Five Goldfield Ashes programs which will include each day’s draw, a map and Carnival Rules.



As mentioned previously, the nomination fee will again cover the provision of one new ball for each day’s play in all Grades. This ensures consistency in the type of ball used in each Grade.

Teams are reminded however that this is the only cricket equipment provided by the Committee. It is therefore imperative that your playing equipment list not only includes a regulation cricket set, but also:

• A set of stumps
• A strong straw broom
• A large tarp and/or an appropriate shade cover
• Spare balls
• Canvas cricket mats in the appropriate grades (A1*, A2 and B1)
• A set of boundary markers

* A1 teams are still required to have mats at their disposal should weather intervene and games be transferred to concrete wickets.



All competition rules are set out in the Carnival program that is issued to each team participating and on the internet site. We are fully aware that once rain intervenes, there is no real fair result or method of allocating incentive points. Teams therefore have to be aware of the rules to ensure they are not disadvantaged, should rain intervene.

We are happy to listen to proposed rule changes, but not during the competition.


See you all early next year!

Craig McAllister Kerri Forno
President Secretary/Treasurer


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Goldfield Ashes. Charters Towers

2024 Ashes Draw

Goldfield Ashes Charters Towers

The 2024 Ashes DRAW:

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SOCIAL GRADE is now a Twenty/20 competition.
Please check the times for your games.

Goldfield Ashes Charters Towers
Goldfield Ashes Charters Towers

2024 Nomination Form

Goldfield Ashes Charters Towers

2024 Nomination Form

Goldfield Ashes Charters Towers
Goldfield Ashes Charters Towers

2024 Important Information

Goldfield Ashes Charters Towers

2024 Important Information

Goldfield Ashes Charters Towers
Goldfield Ashes Charters Towers


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Goldfield Ashes Charters Towers


Goldfield Ashes Charters Towers

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Goldfield Ashes Charters Towers
Goldfield Ashes Charters Towers

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